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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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just for fun...

..and 'cause I had nothing better to do

happy Monday :)

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This made me smile. Such a cute picture!

..glad ya got a smile -- the zinnia's from the garden and the eyes, nose/mouth are from our new kitty (with some slight modification :)

A regular Dandy Lion! (But with more class, of course.)

she's a very small lion but this is where I borrowed the eyes and nose/mouth from :)

scrolling down, I got startled!

this is fun :-)

yeah, it was just for fun -- sorry ya got startled -- hope ya didn't have to change your pants :) -- the image is a composite of a garden flower and bits and pieces from the new kitty

oh that's awesome and a bit freaky too...:) Have a nice day yourself. My weekend has been great!

glad you had a good weekend -- will be looking for elaboration ;)

we went to Point Pelee reserve in Canada yesterday -- pics to follow

I'm really impressed with how well you've blended the images! It looks like something that would appear in Alice in Wonderland or something. :)

thanks :)

I always loved that Cheshire cat -- looked so friendly but evil at the same time

That is a clever picture--I think you are having fun with combining interesting effects!

You could market that picture to a cat store or some such place.

well...fun's what it's all about -- I only do it for the enjoyment now -- sometimes people offer to buy m'stuff but I'm not into marketing anymore -- I've done enough art/craft shows over the years and had 'stuff' in consignment at various shops -- don't really want to deal with that anymore -- but thanks for your kind comments

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