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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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just for fun...

..and I felt like it:

and if you're on dial up and pissed 'cause I didn't use a cut...eh! shit happens sometimes ;)

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thanks :)
thought about going on with the rest of the lyrics but didn't want to get too carried away

our kitty'd at the vet's now getting her tubes yanked or whatever they do and front claws removed :( -- poor kitty -- all to the tune of about 300 bucks!! -- hope she's not getting raped by some St Bernard... -- can't pick her up till tomorrow

yeah, I know :(
and I've never been a cat person but she's a charmer and quite an entertainer -- part squirrel, part rabbit, mostly lunatic -- eats the face and tails off all the fake mousies we get her, so what's left looks like a used tampon lying on the floor; fun when company comes over :)

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