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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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just for fun...

..and I felt like it:

and if you're on dial up and pissed 'cause I didn't use a cut...eh! shit happens sometimes ;)

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no, I'm down in the valley, valley so low...but I can hear the sound of music...or maybe that's just gas

how's life in New England these days, Pat?

I wake every morning with curly red hair on the pillow next to me and ninety pounds of black dog at my feet.

This makes me smile.

makes me smile...

..I'm very happy for you two -- ain't life grand?
we have the new kitty (less than 2 pounds at this point) that sleeps around our heads -- does get in the way at times -- guess we need to train her to sleep at our feet...or better yet under the bed -- but training cats is like teaching a stone to walk

this damn computer...

won't flick between email and LJ without having a hemmorage of some kind or another -- but 'anonymous' was really me (in case you didn't guess)

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