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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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new jewelry piece

sterling silver with lapis...

I really don't feel like fabricating a chain for it -- it's just so much tediousity (yes, that's a word 'cause I said so :) -- but without having a good jewelry supply store nearby, the commercial chains are just exorbitant -- I miss TB Hagstoz in Philadelphia -- think I'm gonna have to get one of their mail order catalogs, but it's not the same as going in and fondling the merchandise

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Pretty! For sale? How much?

..hell...I always have trouble pricing things -- at craft/art shows I can dicker -- hmmm, for time (hah! no way to judge that anymore -- I just work on things till I'm satisfied) and materials $37.00 (USD) -- you'd probably have to pay another $25.00 or more for a decent chain...but it could work on rolled leather too...

Re: glad you like it...

OH, look at you, all hedging and stuff. You're just like me. I couldn't even sell Girl Scout Cookies.

Can I have it for $40? Then it's sold :)

Re: glad you like it...

SOLD!! send me a check:
Ed Kinsey
26150 Linwood
Roseville MI 48066

and I'll ship it right off -- I'm not into paypal or any of that high tech stuff -- hell, when I was born, Hitler was thinking he could take over the world...

Re: glad you like it...

Done! and thanks!

I'm reknowned for my cool jewelry, now I'll be able to boast that I have an Ed original. I'll send my address along with payment.

Hee! Happy!

Re: glad you like it...

yay fer us...aren't we special?

That's a gorgeous piece!

I'd just sell it as-is, without the chain. You'd have to charge a good chunk more for it if you added a chain.

charge a good chunk more...

..yeah, ya got that right -- there was a time when I was really into making intricate chains but they take so damn much time...one here: http://pics.livejournal.com/sirndipiti/pic/0005kb0a/t9678z
and another here

but I'm getting too lazy about the repetative stuff :)

Re: charge a good chunk more...

Those are nice!

Re: charge a good chunk more...

thanks Jen (or is it Jenn--my daughter prefers Jenn..)

Re: charge a good chunk more...

I'm a 1-N Jen. It just looks odd to me with 2, because I've been spelling it with 1 forever. Doesn't matter a whole lot, though. My first name has 2 N's. *shrug*


Re: charge a good chunk more...

OK, one n it is -- I'm a 1 d ed unless it's eddie, which I'm known by with relatives :)

That's truly stunning.

Looks like a gorgeous piece of lapis, too.

thanks very much -- I was pretty happy with the way it turned out -- not so happy with the light flash on the dangles but, hey, watcha gonna do if you don't have a professional quality shooting area (I just shoot outside, sometimes with flash...that's the light splash)

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