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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the finished print in double mat and frame -- I forgot to photo it before installing the glass but thought the reflection made for an interesting pic

the original pic minus the frame and reflection can be seen here: http://pics.livejournal.com/sirndipiti/pic/0008t8d2

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Before the flower had me saying "Feed me Seymour!"
Now with the reflection, I have to laugh because now I'm thinking "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".

yup it was a 'feed me plant' but the reflection does make it kind of a joke :)

I like the reflection effect! It makes for an interesting picture.

I thought it was interesting too -- even though it does destroy the picture image ... but that's why I added the link

You look like you're getting gobbled up by a carnivorous flower!

it's much bigger in the print (thanks to macro) than in real life, but it does look hungry :)

That flower kind of freaks me out. :x It's just the way the center looks. It's almost like a disease or infestation of some sort. Regardless, it is a magnificant shot. How long have you been doing the photography?

thanks a bunch (of flowers :)

how long doing photos? hmm, good question...I know I did pin-hole stuff as a kid -- the first 'real' camera I remember buying was an inexpensive 35mm maybe 40 years ago? then a few years later I treated myself to a Cannon ftb 35mm, added some extra lenses and used that for, ummm a good 25 years (still have it, it has a 'real metal' body) then discovered the immediacy and inexpensiveness (relatively) of digital, so now I'm using a Fuji 3800 -- not the best camera by todays standards but it was pretty up there when I bought it

Ever since I got my very first cell phone with camera included, I've found this hidden thrill for taking pictures. I'm hoping that as soon as I save up enough money from teaching the English, I can invest in my very own digital camera. So, with that said, I enjoy seeing photographs by other people who seem to be very good at taking them, and studying how shots are framed up. It seems like a lot of fun!

seems like a lot of fun

yeah, it is fun -- but so many things are! I work in wood and metal and clay and print and pencil/pen, hell, whatever strikes my fancy -- you can see some of my efforts in my LJ pic section -- pretty sure it's all 'public'

what an exciting adventure you must be having in Japan -- how long will you be there?

Re: seems like a lot of fun

I'm hoping to get a job in character animation/design, so up until now, I've pretty much only worked in pencil, charcoal, or inkwash on paper. Inkwish is my new found love. I hated it when I first tried it, but you can get so much out of just ink and water. It's amazing.

I'll be living here for about a year. That's how long my contract with the company I'm working for is. I want to then move back to the states and continue in graduate school, although whether I'll go back for animation or criminal psychology/forensics is up in the air at the moment.

animation or criminal psychology/forensics...

heh! maybe you can do both :)

like your kitty icon, btw -- we just got a new kitty, part Himalayan we think, white with grey ears, paws and tail and pretty blue eyes -- I've never been a 'cat person' but she is fun

I've always been a huge cat person, but I blame this on both sides of my family always having cats around, as well as in my own home. Himalayan's are very pretty cats, so I'm sure she is by far the most gorgeous out of all of them. I miss my kitties back at home. It's not the same without a big monster eating my foods and using me as a temporary wall to scratch his back against.

Re: Himalayn you say?

someplace I have a video of her cavorting but being as disorganized as I am, I don't know where it is -- but there's a still shot of her here:

Re: Himalayn you say?

She's so cute! It's been ages since my cats were that tiny. May she live until a ripe old kittenish age.

Boy you are having fun printing and framing. Whoa!

doing stuff...

..yup, I am Col
I like doing things with m'hands
and if ya don't enjoy what you're doing...
then what the hell is life all about?
I like metal working too -- don't have my welding eqpt here but I do have my jewelry tools
and I was just given, as in FREE! an electric kiln by a glass artist who just bought a new kiln for his glass work -- needs a little work but soon I can be playing with the 'mud' again -- will only get up to maybe 1400 degrees F so I won't be able to do food safe stuff but there's always li'l sculptures -- have to see how it goes
and then there's always the gardening -- that's so relaxing and rewarding -- but Fall is here :( -- pretty colors on the trees but all the plants fading away

wow a kiln. You make me realise how creative life can be.

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