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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

I don't want to frighten any small children, but doesn't this pic look a bit scary?
garden zinnia:

it didn't actually try to bite me but I was a little nervous...

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Crooked fangs. :) Scary plant.

yeah, I know -- and there was no 'shoppin' involved here -- though I must admit I was tempted to add a tongue :)

it's pretty, love it's colours too.

thanks, Velvet
yeah, I love the colors too
was thinking about doing a large print and framing just this crop of the flower
was wondering if I should print on w/c paper or glossy photo paper -- will probably try both and see which I like better...

i dont blame you one bit for being nervous.

that shit looks toxic and destructive!

heh! yeah the macro does look nasty -- but I've printed matted and framed it -- after all, it is only a puny little zinnia ;)

damn zinnias. busting into this country and taking our jobS!

yup, ya can't be too careful with your borders
but I read (on the web, of course) that they parachute in -- some of the dumber ones try using a big beach umbrella...we don't have to worry about them...they are not going to reproduce!

How very Little Shop of Horrors ...

amazing how things look at different scales, huh? wonder what a macro of m'tongue would look like...maybe we'll get to find out :)

Brilliant, beautiful, erotic....[ not scarry..]

thanks Paul, I appreciate that -- and you're right, flowers close up are very exotic, O'Keefe knew where it was at :)

My pleasure! A few years ago, I saw an amazing O'Keefe exhibit at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. The commentary stated that she denied any erotic intention in her paintings! I don't believe her for one second...I felt an orgasmic quality, but I suppose you could say that was my own projection/fantasy!


my own projection/fantasy

well, that's what good art is all about -- we get involved and add our own interpretation--we see what we see -- and I definitely agree, whether she admited it or not, her work was very sensual/erotic/warm and glowing

This makes me think about maggots. Maggots in a really pretty setting. *laughs*

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