Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


well, it's been one of 'those days' -- up early, waiting for urethane to dry (I finally bought a new can), cutting the grass so I could spread some new fertilizer/weed killer, buying/applying mulch -- eating, munching, eating some more -- you know, all the things retired people get to do and not feel guilty -- also did some drawing, with m'new prismacolors, photoed it along with some of the zinnias -- and now I'm gonna see what I can do with the images (maybe you'll get to see the pics, maybe not...all depends...and speaking of depends, weren't they originally called 'depends' and now they're 'depend' is that the same product?)-- as you might guess, m'Wendy's out doing a reporting thing...but should be home soon -- it was a BOE thing, how the fuck long can they go on? the kitty's sleeping in the window--apparently waiting for her 'mommy' to get home

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