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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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OK, so maybe I am becoming more and more retarded -- or maybe it's early onset of senility (well, not that early) -- I only had 3 tasks set for m'self today: wash some underware (you can only wear it 4 or 5 times before it has to be laundered...otherwise, well...you can imagine :) and put another finish on the new frame and transplant the shrub -- so...I started the washer, went to the toilet, then forgot to throw the clothes in the washer and went out to do the shrub detail -- so the washer got a nice cleansing -- but the corner's been cleaned and the shrub's in place -- the frame's been varnished -- and now the laundry is swooshing around as it should have been about 3 hours ago -- and now I'm just waiting for Wendy and her mom to get back from a play so we can go out to dinner...I must not snack, I must not snack...well, maybe just a half sandwich...

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Yay for getting things done! Carrots make good snacks, btw.

Carrots make good snacks

yes they do! but I've been in a Clausen Pickle phase lately -- celery's also good but I feel the need to fill it with cream cheese :)

Re: Carrots make good snacks

Oh, those sound good, too!

heheh well I've turned the washing machine and washed things twice, forgetting I'd done it before.
Just discovered carrots are high in carbs.

carrots are high in carbs

hmm -- well, I do try to eat healthy foods but never worry too much about things like carbs, vitamins x or y, low fat diet or any other of that mental/diet stuff -- just too fuckin' complicated for me ;)

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