Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

OK, so maybe I am becoming more and more retarded -- or maybe it's early onset of senility (well, not that early) -- I only had 3 tasks set for m'self today: wash some underware (you can only wear it 4 or 5 times before it has to be laundered...otherwise, well...you can imagine :) and put another finish on the new frame and transplant the shrub -- so...I started the washer, went to the toilet, then forgot to throw the clothes in the washer and went out to do the shrub detail -- so the washer got a nice cleansing -- but the corner's been cleaned and the shrub's in place -- the frame's been varnished -- and now the laundry is swooshing around as it should have been about 3 hours ago -- and now I'm just waiting for Wendy and her mom to get back from a play so we can go out to dinner...I must not snack, I must not snack...well, maybe just a half sandwich...

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