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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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long dead babies and cats (no breath sucking...)

NO! this is not a gruesome tale of cats sucking breath from babies -- though I believe that does happen -- m'long dead Irish granny told me!

I was reading this morning, in one of the science news rags to which I subscribe, about the discovery of the complete (or almost complete) fossil remains of a child from something like 3.3 million years ago (the Lucy era) and I got to thinking...if there were a god or some other omnipotent being(s) 'out there', wouldn't it have made good sense to make videos (or whatever technologies they might use) of evolution here on the blue planet -- I mean, we can imagine and there are various depictions in film of how things 'might have been' -- but that's not the same as seeing how things really developed -- but then again, it might turn out to be like the network news...just a bunch of BS and some person's viewpoint--pretty much like our history books -- but I wanna know! I'm interested! I wanna see apes coming down out of the trees, learning how to pick up rocks and beat the shit out of each other! eventually tying the rocks to sticks and then pretty soon (in the grand scheme of things) finding out about E=MCsquared (sorry, I don't know how to do a superscript...if that's even what it's called) -- wouldn't it be cool to watch something on ... say ... the history channel that happened more than a hundred years ago and know that it was an actual depiction, not just someones conjecture? 'course, how would you know? the 'somebeing out there' who did the recording might also have used Photoshop or some other editing program to alter things to their own vision -- hell, I 'spose there are just things I'll never know, like why are flowers pretty to us (some of us, anyway) and why does French toast taste so good (probably the globs of butter and syrup, huh?) and where did petroleum really come from (come on, rotting ancient animals?)

on a somewhat different note, we move on the the subject of cats...well one kitty in particular -- Willow was being a bad kitty and digging in (maybe even eating) the african violets we have on a table so Wendy told her "no" which of course has absolutely no meaning to cats, so she gave her a little smack on the butt...now, here's the interesting part--Wendy was tied up on the phone a while later and Willow attacked and scattered all over the living room floor Wendy's papers, magazines, even tissues -- was this an act of retribution or do we have the imp of satan for a pet? I'll leave you to ponder that...

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Hehehehehehehe...can't put anything past the kitties, can you? ;)

newp! they may play dumb but I'm pretty sure that's just an act -- they know what's going on and want to deal with life on thier terms

Kitties iz evil! Dogz rool. Luv, Riley

kitties are evil -- but they can be fun to watch -- however, if ya wanna go for a walk, you can't drag a kitty along...you need a dog :) -- I don't think kitties take well to having a string tied around their neck and being pulled down the street...but then again, I haven't tried it ... yet :)

Ah gee.. I should have warned you about African Violets and kitties.

I used to have a whole wonderful collection of African Violets when I first got Hector, and after the first chomping incident, I put them in places out of reach, but alas, he still managed to leap/climb and generally get at them and decimate my collection of flowering beauties.

I don't know what to say about the science stuff. It's really too early in the morning... I just got up.

Speaking of photoshop...... :D

well wake up! :)

I'm wondering what it is about the violets...something like catnip?

Re: early in the morning

I really don't know, maybe it's their spongy texture that attracts kitties to munch on them, but it seems to be one of those species phenomenon, like the love for paper bags, ping pong balls, and catnip.

Re: early in the morning

...oh, and warm laps and attemps to lay on your face as you sleep in the night too!

Too much thinking involved in this post for someone that hasn't had her coffee yet.

family members and friends that are gay...

..well, of course, we all do -- my own daughter explained her sexual orientation to me when she was a senior in high school -- and I just love her all the more -- why should it matter who she loves?

and coffee -- wowser, I think I need to make another pot :) -- or else head out to starbucks with the pretext of getting some nails or screws (whoops, better not say screws) at home despot...

and by the way, thinking is very rarely involved in my posts -- it's mostly just mental diarrhea

I'm such a terrible kitty-mother, aren't I?!

you're a great kitty-mother, she loves you (but feels she must teach you a lesson from time to time, as all children are wont to do) and an all around great person -- if I scatter your papers, will you smack my butt?

Don't you know, kitties do revenge very well.!!!!!

Heeee! I'm beginning to discover that -- and they can be so quick and slippery :)

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