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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the day

doesn't seem like I got much accomplished today for having gotten up around 7am -- I did manage to shave and shower and get to a dental appointment -- worked a bit on a design for the other lapis teardrop but nothing seems to be working -- still don't have the corner of the yard cleared out for the shrub transplant -- but on the other hand, I did get to spend a lotta time with m'baby running errands -- the worst of which was sitting at the car dealership for an hour (waiting for what could be done at someplace like jiffy-lube in 10 minutes) -- seems like once they've sold you a car, they could give 2 shits about the service...but you know what...they will never, ever sell me another car -- hell, I'd drive all the way to Ohio to avoid this fuckin' inconsiderate dealership -- we did blow some time wandering the aisles of the local supermarket and getting a car wash (no! not at the supermarket), but where did the day go? tomorrow will be different -- hell, I might even start a log of what I'm doing to see where the time goes -- or maybe not :) -- the TV's blaring in the other room and the current topic is an ad for some drug which 'may have the side effects of dry mouth, constipation and nausea' -- well, could be worse, I guess, might be vomiting and explosive diarrhea -- how could you go to dinner and a movie with the worry about those possible 'side effects'? and they didn't even mention possible hair loss, skin discoloration, hangnail and/or stiff joints -- and ya know, ever since I've been seeing the drug ads for RLS, my legs have started twitching, but I've found hitting my hip with a 16 ounce framing hammer brings it right under control...and no vomiting, diarrhea ooor hair loss...well, the hair loss is minimal -- I can remember when the main drugs were aspirin and penicillin and maybe if you had a really sore throat, perhaps a little honey and lemon -- now: restless leg syndrome? and then if you have lazy penis syndrome you can get a remedy for that...but if the effects last more than 4 hours, you can call your doctor and get a scrip for restless penis syndrome -- well, enough of this medical talk, for further info you should consult your doctor or nurse practitioner or vet? speaking of vets (well, I am) Willow had her first vet visit -- she seems to be healthy and has a very good set of lungs as she displayed when they poked her with some 'evil' chemical -- nasty ol' doctors, she mentioned something in cat-speak about not ever wanting to go back there and casting a curse on all the workers and their families...well, as best as I could understand her -- I think it's very close to my bed time now...seeya tomorrow ;)

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Vet visits are scary! Particularily 1st ones! ... Sadly though, I didn't know you had a cat. Where am I these days?! :(
Restless Leg Syndrome, as ridiculous as it sounds, really does suck a lot!! *L*

where am I these days?!

damn, I ask myself that almost every day :)

yeah, Wendy got herself (well for both of us, I guess) a kitty -- poor quality video here:

I think there might be a still or 2 somewhere back in my journal but I'm too lazy to go find out where -- there will no doubt be more kitty pics posted in the future -- the cats a real hoot!

so...new news on RLS? not only does your leg twitch and ants crawl around inside, but now it causes your leg to suck? holy shit!

Haaaaaaaaaa ha. I enjoyed that little rant. My wife swears she has RLS, and based on the state of the covers in the morning, I have to admit she might have something there.

Our economy is now based entirely on:
1) Buying drugs we don't need
2) Building houses we don't need
3) Cell phone ringtones.

It would make me cry if I weren't taking this drug for my Social Anxiety Disorder that has the side effect of clogging up my tear ducts.

my tear ducts are working fine (fortunately) cause the drug I'm taking for Restless Penis Syndrome has clogged up my urinary track and now I have to hang my head over the toilet and piss from my eyes -- not so bad at home but a bit uncomfortable in public rest rooms...what must people think?

Perhaps they just think you're the Urinal Inspector.

Incidentally, you can take my Toilet Survey here if you haven't already. ;)

I would guess that people aren't as modest about their personal problems as they once were, and it's a great way to keep the pharmaceutical companies in business. Wouldn't it be great to see those jobs spread around to other industries? I wonder how many pharmaceutical companies experience off-shoring...

modest about their personal problems

yes! you're absolutely right -- and I don't know if that's good or bad but I blame it all on the media...Op-rah and her 'get it all out' interviews (don't get me wrong, I do not, will not watch her show but sometimes have to pass through the room when it's on...I walk quickly) and Dr. what's his name? Phil? and all the other TV quacks...it's like the new evangelisim -- and the drug companies couldn't be happier--in fact, I sometimes wonder (cynic that I am) if some of these shows arn't 'info-mercials'

l/cazy penis syndrome

hehehe well that little post made my day, full of the giggles now...and don't the tv ads just get worse and worse.

Kitties first visit to the vet always deserves a medal.

Re:lazy penis syndrome...

glad I could bring a giggle to your day -- makes life worthwhile :)

..and the TV ads -- god almighty, they really are getting worse and more graphically descriptive...genital herpes, hemmorids, come on, I'm trying to have some popcorn and watch a movie here! do I have to go check now and see if the sores on my butt are oozing or smell infected?

that kitty medal thing is a good idea -- I'll have to give that some thought -- maybe we could start a little kitty icon shelf

Re: lazy penis syndrome...

heheh I was meaning a medal for you - taking the cat to the vet without major trauma. My cats hate the place and usually turn feral the moment we walk in the door. End up covered in scratches as the vet doesn't like holding them.

Re: lazy penis syndrome...

oohhh a medal for me? well it wasn't a big deal except the sitting and waiting (I actually went out for coffee once and left Wendy to kitty sit) -- so yeah, a 'waiting medal' would be fitting -- ya know how in the military you get to wear ribbons instead of all those heavy medals? well, I'm wondering what color the stripes would be on a 'first kitty visit to the vet' would be?? I'm thinking brown, for the coffee, and puce for the color of the waiting room...

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