Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

the day

doesn't seem like I got much accomplished today for having gotten up around 7am -- I did manage to shave and shower and get to a dental appointment -- worked a bit on a design for the other lapis teardrop but nothing seems to be working -- still don't have the corner of the yard cleared out for the shrub transplant -- but on the other hand, I did get to spend a lotta time with m'baby running errands -- the worst of which was sitting at the car dealership for an hour (waiting for what could be done at someplace like jiffy-lube in 10 minutes) -- seems like once they've sold you a car, they could give 2 shits about the service...but you know what...they will never, ever sell me another car -- hell, I'd drive all the way to Ohio to avoid this fuckin' inconsiderate dealership -- we did blow some time wandering the aisles of the local supermarket and getting a car wash (no! not at the supermarket), but where did the day go? tomorrow will be different -- hell, I might even start a log of what I'm doing to see where the time goes -- or maybe not :) -- the TV's blaring in the other room and the current topic is an ad for some drug which 'may have the side effects of dry mouth, constipation and nausea' -- well, could be worse, I guess, might be vomiting and explosive diarrhea -- how could you go to dinner and a movie with the worry about those possible 'side effects'? and they didn't even mention possible hair loss, skin discoloration, hangnail and/or stiff joints -- and ya know, ever since I've been seeing the drug ads for RLS, my legs have started twitching, but I've found hitting my hip with a 16 ounce framing hammer brings it right under control...and no vomiting, diarrhea ooor hair loss...well, the hair loss is minimal -- I can remember when the main drugs were aspirin and penicillin and maybe if you had a really sore throat, perhaps a little honey and lemon -- now: restless leg syndrome? and then if you have lazy penis syndrome you can get a remedy for that...but if the effects last more than 4 hours, you can call your doctor and get a scrip for restless penis syndrome -- well, enough of this medical talk, for further info you should consult your doctor or nurse practitioner or vet? speaking of vets (well, I am) Willow had her first vet visit -- she seems to be healthy and has a very good set of lungs as she displayed when they poked her with some 'evil' chemical -- nasty ol' doctors, she mentioned something in cat-speak about not ever wanting to go back there and casting a curse on all the workers and their families...well, as best as I could understand her -- I think it's very close to my bed time now...seeya tomorrow ;)
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