Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

9 in the morning...

..I don't usually run the 'loud fuckin lawn mower' at 9am 'cause I don't like the noise of power equipment and would hate to think I was waking up the neighborhood with my noise maker -- and speaking of which, what the hell is with 'leaf blowers' and 'power edgers'...a broom and spade work just fine, put you in more contact with the earth and you don't have to wear earplugs -- a bit hypocritical with the rotary mower, I know, but it was here and...well, that's how it goes sometimes but a nice push/reel mower would be comforting, I think, and when this power mower dies (which might be pretty soon, seeing as how hard it's getting to start) I think I should replace it with the 'quiet' reel mower (do they even sell them anymore?) -- anyway, the noise in the 'hood had already kicked up several notches with others clipping, cutting, blowing, edging, so I thought I might as well join in the frey and get the lawn work over with -- so, yup, it's done -- but I still have that one bush to transplant after I finish clearing out the crap-o-sticks-and-roots from what will be it's new home area -- have I said I like growing things...well, tending growing things, they pretty much grow on their own :)

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