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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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9 in the morning...

..I don't usually run the 'loud fuckin lawn mower' at 9am 'cause I don't like the noise of power equipment and would hate to think I was waking up the neighborhood with my noise maker -- and speaking of which, what the hell is with 'leaf blowers' and 'power edgers'...a broom and spade work just fine, put you in more contact with the earth and you don't have to wear earplugs -- a bit hypocritical with the rotary mower, I know, but it was here and...well, that's how it goes sometimes but a nice push/reel mower would be comforting, I think, and when this power mower dies (which might be pretty soon, seeing as how hard it's getting to start) I think I should replace it with the 'quiet' reel mower (do they even sell them anymore?) -- anyway, the noise in the 'hood had already kicked up several notches with others clipping, cutting, blowing, edging, so I thought I might as well join in the frey and get the lawn work over with -- so, yup, it's done -- but I still have that one bush to transplant after I finish clearing out the crap-o-sticks-and-roots from what will be it's new home area -- have I said I like growing things...well, tending growing things, they pretty much grow on their own :)

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They still sell them! Even at the Home Despot. I think ours was about $80 and it works like a charm. Of course, we only have a tiny bit of lawn (inherited from the previous owners) and that tiny bit is still struggling to gain a foothold. For me it was well worth it to avoid the noise, the stench and the unnecessary gasoline consumption. But I got to start with a blank slate cause we just bought our house last December. =)

have only been living here in MI a short time but one of the first places I found my way to was the Home 'Despot' -- do a lot...well, some...woodworking and they're relatively cheap and close by -- sorta the wal-mart of building supplies and such :) -- but then, I can find my way to wal-mart too...

People in my neighborhood have been cutting their lawns before 8:00am for the last three days. My dog thinks the lawn mower is arch enemy #1 so it's been interesting!

They do indeed make those manual reel mowers! When I lived in Yuma, AZ we had one of those!

reel mower is definitely on the wish list :) -- isn't Yuma in the desert? didja mow the cactus :)

We had to water the lawn constantly to get any sort of green. I just couldn't adjust to having a backyard of sand after growing up in Louisiana!

I went to school in Utah (U of U, SLC) and had friends that loved the desert, but having grown up in the east, I like the woods -- green beats tan any time, as far as I'm concerned (no offense to desert dwellers--ya picks yer place and ya deal with it) -- that's why I have the cabin in western MA...green, mossey, wet, 'course that brings the swarms of mosquitoes in season -- but you pay the price :)

What is wrong with people making so much noise in the morning! Gah! It's like you'd think they'd want to stay out of the hot afternoon sun or something, geez! :)

I have to agree with those noisy machines - they seem kind of unnecessary at times, but people like their toys I suppose. *shrug*

It'll be nice to see pics as the lawn is moving along and getting prettied up by you!

lawn is moving along ...

..well, I'm trying -- we're living with Wendy's mom for the while --
her husband passed on about 3 years ago and was ill for some time before that, so things (growy things) are a bit out of control here -- it's taking a while to beat them back into shape, but things are coming along and the yard work keeps me off the street corner, pimpin' m'self (heh! not that anyone would wanna buy :)

arggggggggg i dont know what is with the mowing obsession - particularly here during drought season there is really no major need when it hardly grows.. and to mow at ungodly hours of the morning. & with fuel costs can't see how they justify it. My neigbours are hellish about it, one does it twice a week, and wippersnippers inbetween, the other, the poisoner (well you can view their handwork behind the cut on my last post)...thank god he is moving soon.

..yeah, we got one of those next door -- and not only does he spray, but he has a diesel truck which kills everything along the property line with it's exhaust

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