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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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more metal work

project of the day -- lapis, silver and gold -- finger ring size 10-3/4 -- can be stretched up a size or so -- willing to part with it for ... ummm 50 bucks or trade for some of your work which you consider equally valued:

lemme know -- trade/sale offer's only good for 3 days (I like the number 3 :)

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wow, that's really nice, yo!

nicely done, Ed! I bet I have two cool stones I've bought to make custom pieces out of, and never get around to them.

yup, know how that is -- got a pair of these about a year ago with the idea of earrings but never got inspired -- and then I have some stones that have been lying around for 10 years or more...

damn 'puter -- keeps logging me outta LJ when I go to aol mail so when I comment it comes up as anonymous

ohhhhh that is so pretty!

thank you, thank you -- I bought a pair of these stones with the idea of earrings but now I have one left to figure out what to do with -- bracelet? pendant? the ideas are germinating...

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