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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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In the early morning rain sun with a dollar in my hand...
thanks to Bobby
won't be too many more days like this, Falls comin' to this part of the world:

was up early (again, what else is new?) finished construction ('cept for final sanding) on frame for Linda's (lefemme) pierced paper design (hell, it's only been a year :) -- went out to see how the weather was and pull a few weeds -- it's quite delightful outside so thought I'd try a self-pic

finishing the morning cuppa joe now and getting ready to feed the kitty -- with all her wild activity, she must be starving by now -- probably still sleeping by Wendy's head -- may be getting ready to suck her breath...I should go check

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thanks...I like playing in the dirt -- never did really grow up ;)

When I first saw this post, I only saw half of the image, as I had not yet scrolled the page all the way down, and I thought... "he's at it again!" I saw a nekkid man! [ at least from the waist up ] and thought you made more pictures like you did when you were hiding behind the rocks. *Slightly disappointed*

Hey, don't feel bad about the frame, I still owe my mother about 5000 photos from our vacation last year in October, which ended and they left the same day you came here and I saw you and Wendy.

hiding behind the rocks...

..heh! not to disappoint, but I actually had shorts on in the rock pics too :)

Oh Yeah?!

Fess 'em up!

Correction: Shorts on the rocks

yeah, that's what I meant.

Re: Correction: Shorts on the rocks

hmm, in looking back...maybe they (the shorts) were riding pretty low...but it is way out in woods :)
but here's a couple more for your eyes only or :)

Re: Correction: Shorts on the rocks


Especially the first and third images! :D
Thanks for showing them ^_^

Beware of Romulans bearing gifts.

New Avatar:

Re: Correction: Shorts on the rocks

yer welcome -- I tend to get silly with the camera when I have nothing better to do (or that I want to do :)

First off....*fans myself* Sexy! *smooches*

Second, wow, it is that warm that you can sit out in your garden that way? Enjoy every last sunshiney moment.

every last sunshiney moment...

..yeah, really :)
hit around low 80s F today but supposed to cool off quite a bit by tomorrow -- taking advantage of the shorts weather while I can

I forgot my top -- must get my act together or the neighbors will start complaining

Re: the braless look

or tipping

hmm...now there's a thought -- maybe I should put a hat next to me and seed it with a couple of bucks?

I get these urges from time to time -- you know, just to see if the tripod and timer are still working ;)

Love the pic, Ed! :) And I also love that you quoted a Gordon Lightfoot song that was covered by Bob Dylan... It's really just a great day!

I'd love to have a garden. Sometimes apartment life is too 'gray' for me.

thanks Tara
and really?, I always thought that was a Dylan tune -- just goes to show how misconceived we can be...well, no, I was properly coneeived but somehow misinformed ;) -- window boxes, Tara, didn't I say that before? or house plants ... but yeah, ya can't beat sitting out in the yard and meditating on the things you've helped to grow -- fun fun

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