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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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OK, so I have too much time on my hands

this entry was inspired by the lovely and talented willowing

take it for what it's worth -- me at 2 stages of life -- and believe it or not, I can actually remember that jacket! the design studio's at the U of Utah some 15 or 20 years later :)

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*squeeeee* how wonderful!! :) *feels proud* xoxox

you really do influence what I do, Tam -- and I love ya for it :)

I love this photo Ed. The content is very personal, but is also that sort of photo that is collectable and worth framing. :)

I didn't even know they were there -- stuck inside my undergrad thesis -- found them when I was rummaging for other things and got sidetracked (happens often :)

Very nice photo o' photos.

hey, thanks Anne, this is what happens when I have time in the early morning hours and don't know what to do with m'self :)

now I'm blushing
I have a whole box of old photos at my (almost) ex's house, but she claims she can't fine 'em :(

thanks, Kara
see the inspiration we get from just hanging out here on the web...

beats wheel of fortune all to hell :)

thanks Col, I always love your approval of my efforts ;) -- I know how talented you are and that's what makes positive pats from you worthwhile

thanks, Jason
if ya wanna see cool, you should check out willowing -- originally from Scandinavia, then London, now in Sri Lanka -- tell her I sent you, she'll add you back

What a cool composition, and I love the old pics of you. It's so much fun seeing what people looked like at different stages of life.

it was such a surprise to find these 2 old pics stuck in my thesis while I was rummaging through boxes looking for something else and the stamp came from an album I collected as a kid -- ah, the old days, the old days...

thought the rose petals would add a bit of color

Very cool! Makes me want to do the same.

p.s. great stamp

neat how ideas spread, huh? Tam willowing does some really fantastic work -- she's an inspiration

the stamp's from my 'childhood' collection -- my dad was a stamp collector and got me started...wonder what ever happened to his collection??

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