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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I dreamed I saw the number 65 in gold

apologies to Charles Demuth

so I've filled the new frame with a multi-media piece -- ink, paint, pencil, pen ...

unframed image without the glass glare and larger size

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thanks, not real happy with the mat color but it was the best I could do without going to the art supply store again -- been spending too much there lately...

When I saw the frame my first thought was...Rosebud.


great minds, Pat...great minds :) -- it is, of course a rose bud, ala Georgia O'Keefe

Good choice...it goes perfectly!

thanks -- I don't usually do a frame and then create something to go in it but...well, I had the glass :)

Love it Ed. Beautiful. Love the frame too.

thanks Col -- again, coming from you that's very nice

yeah, I've gotten more into frame making lately -- gotta get some use out of the table saw :) -- starting to get into multi levels and colors in the framing...stay tuned...

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