Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..off with their tops, i say!

..the squirrels, nasty wee beasties that they are, make it appear so easy, as they gnaw off branches bigger than they (including their twitchy tail), then go "flying" through the air gripping in their pointy little teeth, the latest building block for a nest...

but...not being a squirrel (though having been accused of blatant squirrelyness at times) i am not quite as adept at leaping spritely and gnawing tree limbs--in fact i do neither--but armed with a bow saw and shod with my blue-light cross trainers, i was more than up to the chore of topping yet another offending tree--and removing it's pall of darkness from the garden

the debris of branches, however, remain a rather unsightly pile in the yard--tomorrow is, as has been so correctly noted, another day

and tomorrow i shall return to the task of making small, kiln size pieces of firewood from that very unsightly mass--really, i promise (or maybe the next day, if it rains :)
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