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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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pussy play

OK, I think I've fingered out the technology enough to get a vid up and going
now all I need is a little practice in the skills involved -- pardon the quality
but here's the kitty:


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you must love me
and the kitty is now batting at the screen -- wanna tie a string around her neck and take her for a walk?

She's sitting on my head right now.

What do YOU think?


Awww! Willow is very cute! I love watching them when they are that small, and energetic! I miss kittens. :)

when they are that small

yeah, she is a cutie -- but will be growing into a big cat before we know it -- just like kids, diapers, then before you know it they're out on their own...

awwwwwwwwwwww so gorgeous and fun when that young, and yes might be my Zander's reincarnation. I don't know what he was like at that age as he was a stray. Though even up to last week he could muster some catniptions, attacking the washing as I was hanging it on the clothes line and I thought to myself I wish I could have seen it when he was young. Thanks for posting...I normally don't sit through utube cause of dial up times, but did this time..xxxxxx

I'll try to post some more videos when I get a bit more skilled -- so glad you took the time on dial-up -- when I go to my cabin in Massachusetts, that's all I have -- get really spoiled with this high speed connection

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