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random thoughts

according to the pope...you know THE POPE...'jihadi is violence contrary to reason and god's plan' but he didn't add, 'unless it's a true crusade' ... hmm ... who said 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

do you think a nation living in fear is easier to control? more willing to accept stringent regulation? able to accept the powerful leader (father figure)/mere peasant (child) relationship in society? I don't, I really don't and I don't think most thinking citizens do either -- most people can see through the sham, but we don't know what to do about it -- the government has grown way too large and is out of control of the populace -- bureaucracy is the giant sin of mankind, it grows and grows like some giant snake and just takes over, almost like it had a mind of it's own -- but it doesn't, it's just a tool that man (maybe even a few women had a hand in it...though I doubt that) invented -- but once in place, is there any way to cut off the snakes head?

can it be true what Michael Chertoff said, "Osama bin Laden has made it clear that he wants to scare the United States into an unsustainable spending spree" -- hell, we don't need any prodding for that, we blow money (not to mention the dead and wounded) out our ass all over the world...billions of dollars and thousands dead, to what end? perpetuate the illusion of our world dominance? such arrogant bastards, huh?

but on a brighter and more TV-reality-show like blurb, Condi Rice and Peter MacKay...OMFG...who in the hell (other than CR and PM) gives a shit? isn't it a bit like a 'west wing' episode where "someone (who shall remain nameless)" gets a blow job in the oval office -- 'course that isn't really "sex"

I wander, I know I wander -- but I've been reading the news and sometimes I think I should just stick my head in the sand and wait for the intergalactic forces to build a 'highway' through our part of the universe (apologies to Douglas Adams and even Arthur Dent)

there are definitely days I just want to stay in bed and pull the covers tight over my head

I clearcoated another picture frame last night (yes, this is a new paragraph) and it's still not dry enough to sand and coat again -- this dampness, this damn dampness -- could this be a part of Al Gore's scenario? global warming, universal wetness? after he 'invented' the internet, did he decree worldwide locker-room humidity?

but I digress (not sure from what) -- enjoy your Wednesday (or possibly thursday in some parts of the world--never was too good at figuring out that day/time thing)
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