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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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what's been going on...

..among the excitemtnt of ripe tomatoes and peppers, bright flowers, a new wood frame (which has since this shot, been filled with a photo from the Carmel CA coast) -- Wendy has a new kitty

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such a cuuute! kitty! what kind of cat-she looks siamsese to my untrained eye.

the other pictures are good, too, but not as cute as willow.

..well, me too :) -- not much of a cat person (they can suck your breath, ha know :), so I don't recognize breeds either

the lady we got her from thinks the papa must have been siamese or himalayan? I dunno -- the mama was just an ordinary ol' black house cat but the 5 kittens all have blue eyes

and yup, she is a cutie -- and very friendly too

"Willow" is a great name for that cat!

hehe...yeah, really seems to fit -- wonder what Tam will think :)

I always think we all 'know' each other here in LJ -- but checked and see that Tam willowing is not on your list...you should check her out--a very talented and multi-faceted person

Okay, thanks! I'll check it out...

Excellent photos Ed, and the tomatos and bell pepper look absolutely Yummy!

The kitty is SO cute! Wendy should make an account for him/her on [ it's free ].

I've never been a 'cat person' but this is a lovable cat -- she's sitting on my shoulder right now as I type

also have some zucchini growing to combine with the tomatoes and peppers -- planted onions but for some reason didn't have any luck with those :( -- have never had luck with onions...there must be a trick

will tell Wendy about the catster site -- thanks

thanks Velvet, she is cute and quite friendly too

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