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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

and here's another recent work -- again, sorry about any size problems and the shity photo

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Very cool :) What media are you working in there?

thought I'd replied to this -- but you know I've been having 'puter probs

it's a screen print

That is great! I love the diversity of yoru artwork. You are fantastic. And hmm, home alone....*thinks naughty thoughts*

well, you certainly brightened my morning

and thanks for the nice comment on my 'work' (I think of it more as play)

yes I am diverse -- but I prefer eclectic ;)

I love this Ed! Lovely flow and everything.

thanks Col, that's very nice to hear -- 'specially from you, who does such great work -- smoochies

I love your abstract prints Ed. :)

thanks, you're so sweet -- guess that's why I loveya :)

this print is based on kokopelli (sp?) a western US motif -- I think South American (Mexico?) as well

Another nice piece Sir Ed, but you've been a lil quiet lately, hope all is well with you.

thanks Doug, I just get caught up in other things and sometimes don't even turn the computer on (can ya believe it? :)

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