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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

OK here's one of the new works -- can't copy and paste or resize images due to the probs with the 'puter and new hard drive which still doesn't have all my working soft ware reinstalled -- piss and moan!!
the piece is gold fill with a fresh water pearl -- sorry about the crappy photo but there's nothing I can do about it now

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Seems like the photo turned out like the one of my starfish with the reflection off the materials. It'd be nice to see the back view, too.

..yeah, I'd be happy to do that but till m'baby gets back and her son comes over to straighten things out on this fuckin' machine, there's not much I can do -- I know, I know, more pissin' and moaning

Beautiful mounting technique ;)

Nice work Ed! This is really pretty!

Re: Beautiful mounting technique ;)

aww thanks, (don't know if I should call you Tara or Tara Jane) -- but it really is a shity photo -- I want my photo working tools back!!

Re: Beautiful mounting technique ;)

Tara, TJ... I even answer to 'Hey Bitch' sometimes ;)
Tara-Jane in the past has usually been reserved for when you're mad at me, but I don't mind being called that either.

Whatever catches your fancy, I trust your best judgment! *L*

..damn, you gotta know I'd never use that phrase

so OK, Tara is good enough for me

finally got around to checking out your web site -- my favorites are the 2 'charo' pieces -- they're so dynamic -- then, of course the Dylan pic, but that may be 'cause I've been such a fan for ... what? 40 years

very nice! did you cut and bend the pearl! or was it just that shape, unusual.

it's called 'fresh water pearl' -- don't know why or where they come from, but I got a strand of 'em some time ago -- they're pretty long and narrow, not at all like the round ones (from clams?) -- but, yes, I did trim the ends 'cause it was too long for the place I was using it -- I bought the strand mostly with the idea of using them on earrings

..thanks, Tammer -- but crappy photo, and now I can't even download my pics due to computer problems :(

btw--I love your 'toes' icon :) -- do I have a foot fetish? maybe...

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