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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..yeah, lonely -- m'baby's off in the far reaches of Chicagoland at the SPJ convention for a week

working on a frame for the 'Yale tower' print -- need to get a piece of glass from the local hardware store

exciting post, huh?

I haven't been around in the last few days 'cause my computer's fucked with some virus and is still in the shop being 'cured' (hopefully) -- on Wendy's machine now, she didn't take it with her (amazing, isn't it?) -- but it's somewhat different than mine and hard to get used to

hmmm nothing much else new -- will try to be more intelligent sounding later :)

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Awww, don't be lonely! *hugs*
What's an SPJ convention? (I really hope it's not something you've mentioned in the past and now I'm looking rude like I've missed something)

Maybe the hardward store will lighten the mood a bit! :)

hardward store will lighten the mood

heheh -- yeah, I love hardware stores, lumber yards, yada yada -- just a guy, I guess -- still remember wandering around them with my dad when I was just a little pup :)

SPJ is the Society of Professional Journalists, Wendy's a writer, well, journalist I s'pose -- writes for several of the local papers --just started a humor column for one of them -- she's really good!!-- we went to another con in Vegas last Fall -- what a bummer for me -- so I decided to skip this trip -- but now wishing I'd gone along, sigh

thanks for the hugs :)

thanks for the hugs Tammer -- I definitely need 'em -- didn't get to talk with her till around 11 last night, then couldn't get to sleep -- and now I'm up at 3am -- pretty sorry, huh? -- but at least I'm getting the new frame waxed and ready for the mat...

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