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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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new art acquisitions

so these are what we blew our money on at the K-Mart corporate art liquidation
the first two are Thresher screen prints and the third is a Welsbuch litho

hell, it's only money and if you really like something...why not?

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yeah, me too -- Wendy picked the 2 sirographs and I snagged the litho -- it's actually about 30x40 inches (frame size) so I have no idea where we can hang it, but it reminded me of Talouse-Lautrec (Henry, Henri? whatever) and I just loved it when I saw it -- the photo sucks (way too dark), 'cause the framing is silver, not brown

i loooooooooove those screen prints.

screen prints

they're delicious, aren't they?
Wendy was originally only going to get one but gave in to compulsion :)
they're each about 2x3 feet (again, that's frame size)

that corporate liquidation sale has some really neat stuff
we've gone 3 times now -- I think there's one more sale period that will be sculpture, tapestry

but this was the first time I felt compelled to buy, though Wendy bought some photos before -- which had to be re-matted and the glass was missing from the frame so had to be replaced -- but the price was still less than the price of a new frame from Pottery Barn, which was where that frame came from

sorry about the anonymous thing -- my computer's been fucked by some hi-jacker and I still haven't been able to get things straightened out

that litho rocks,if you don't mind me asking... what did you part with for that?

(printmaking was my concentration on my art major in college)

they claimed the "gallery price" was something like $800.00 but since it was 'clearance' the price was $675.00 but when I offered $500.00, that seemed to be acceptable (probably 'cause we were buying 3 pieces) -- I know, I know, I've never paid anything like that for an art piece before but when ya like something ... what the hell?

oooh that litho is gorgeous!

I know, I know -- you and I have such good taste, don't we ;)

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