Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

stuff and junk...

is it just me or do you all work like this:

how in the fuck do I ever get anything accomplished -- and ya know what? there are other work areas just as 'clumbered' (new word, feel free to use it :)

I've been hiding out in work areas and the 'puter room 'cause I'm just so tired of hearing about the Jonbennet Ramsey thing on the TV -- Jesus, it's old news...10 years old...there just isn't any news until there's a trial for this 'confessed' rapist of 6 year olds -- maybe he's guilty, maybe he's just another attention freak -- I just don't want to hear hours of "news" about this guy and his crime -- if true, sure it's hideous, but aren't there more important news items? have I become a real news shit? Wendy does 'real' news -- investigative reporting, humor articles, and they are well worth reading -- but the stuff that pops out of the TV just 'cause they feel they have to say something (no matter how innocuous) just fries my brain -- I'd rather sit in the dark yard and listen to the crickets -- wanna join me?
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