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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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stuff and junk...

is it just me or do you all work like this:

how in the fuck do I ever get anything accomplished -- and ya know what? there are other work areas just as 'clumbered' (new word, feel free to use it :)

I've been hiding out in work areas and the 'puter room 'cause I'm just so tired of hearing about the Jonbennet Ramsey thing on the TV -- Jesus, it's old news...10 years old...there just isn't any news until there's a trial for this 'confessed' rapist of 6 year olds -- maybe he's guilty, maybe he's just another attention freak -- I just don't want to hear hours of "news" about this guy and his crime -- if true, sure it's hideous, but aren't there more important news items? have I become a real news shit? Wendy does 'real' news -- investigative reporting, humor articles, and they are well worth reading -- but the stuff that pops out of the TV just 'cause they feel they have to say something (no matter how innocuous) just fries my brain -- I'd rather sit in the dark yard and listen to the crickets -- wanna join me?

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Yup, my hubby's garage looks just like that if not worse!

And thank you for the birthday wish!!

hope you had a good one

and speaking of garages -- that's just another messed up area, can hardly walk in there to get the lawn mower :)

my desk sometimes looked like that at uni... :P

sometimes looked like that

hmmm -- but you see, if I try removing the clutter, whenever I look away or go to pee, the clutter gremlins just scatter stuff around again :)

Ed, if it didn't look like that I would be worried about you. I think 'clumber' helps the mind to create.

'clumber' helps the mind to create

ah yes, Pat, I like that idea :)

I wish I had a work area....the whole house nearly looks like that. (jk- well not quite!).

whole house looks like that...

..not to worry
there a lot more interesting things to do than clean up ;)

I'm with you!

My home studio space is similar, but my shit is piled in boxes all over the place and my mom keeps moving them around so i can never find anything.

keeps moving them ...

..damn, I hate when people do that -- I have enough trouble finding my shit if it hasn't been moved by somebody else

Yikes, that makes me dizzy just looking at it.

..hah! yeah it does get to be a mess -- but I've always worked that way -- part of it has to do with using a variety of media and the other part is just 'flinging things down' when I'm finished using them :)

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