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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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this guy started out life as a paint/varnish clean-up rag -- but he's had a couple of surgical procedures since then

I don't however know his name or anything significant about him
perhaps you can help me out?

I haven't had a lot to do today...just a bit of yard work :)

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Awww .. he's so damn cute!

so innocent! :-))))

heee, thanks
but if you look closely, he's not as innocent as you might have thought at first :-))))

I can't imagine that you ever get bored with a brain like yours :)

Re: Constantly entertained?

oh god, Tara-Jane, I'm so glad
doncha just love the little penis -- hahahahah -- it's part of the yard prunings I've been doing the last few days -- hell, I just kill myowndamnself sometimes -- I probably should be comitted, but then I wouldn't have all m'toys to play with :))))))

Re: Constantly entertained?

I was trying to figure out what that was made of! i was trying to decide if it was another stick... then I thought it kind of looked like the end of a duster or something.

This is the most fun I've ever had analyzing a penis ;) Usually if you have to sit and stare at it this long, there's a problem *L*

analyzing a penis ...

..well, it's probably better to just jump in there (so to speak) and see what's really going on :) -- but with a cleaning rag that has a stick dick that might not be too entertaining

end of a duster--hahahahahh oh god, I'm thinking you might just be just as sick as me :)

he's adorable, but I wish he doesn't have to stick his ... out like that for the world to see! HAHAHA.

so glad you caught that -- damn, I feel so really weird sometimes :)))

so did he just wake up?

I should show him off to all my friends! :D

show him off to all my friends

heh, yes, by all means :) -- show 'em off

he actually woke up earlier today but is sleeping in the basement now and his errection (such as it is, may have flopped...well, I dunno, haven't checked :)

Did you slip him a little blue pill?

no or course not -- he's naturally well hung :)))

Stress & burnout.........

are only a fuse waiting to be lit.

Re: Stress & burnout.........

well, my fuse keeps getting lit, but I just hose the fucker down and have been lucky so far -- but these new Prismacolor pencils are kinda keeping my fire furning :)

Re: Stress & burnout.........

furning, burning...what's the difference -- just wild fingers trying to keep up :)

and genitals, too. Who knew a clean up rag could grow a penis?

ya know, I really was planning on adding a couple of nuts but thought that might be be really 'round the bend' :)

you would really be surprised, however, at what clean up rags can grow -- do you ever just leave 'em wet under the sink or in the basement? almost as bad as the stuff that hides in the fridge for long periods of time

that is the best giggle I have had all day!!!!!!! Am fit to face the world now, nothing will seem serious at all. :) I can tell it's a boy!!!! Thanks for sharing.

I'm so glad to brighten your day (being on the 'other side of the world' I guess we're a little out of sync) -- as far as nothing will seem serious...I think that might just be my middle name...could I use Nwss? heh! have a good day!!

i think his name should be Stubby.

heh, Stubby, huh? he does seem to have a pretty significant 'stub'

He looks of Native American decent...

Perhaps a name like:

Coloured Rag On A Stick


Colour Runs


Ragged One

Stupid I know, just feeling silly, very interesting piece. I like!

Or one could just go with a bog standard name like: Reginald Raggus III

maybe "Ragged One With Wooden Penis?"

Or, Chief Running Rag and Organs?

at least you didn't say Dripping Rag and Mouth Organ

I didn't?

Dripping Organ and Mouth Rag...

I really don't recall any mouth rag...dripping organ? well maybe -- was that you or me?

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