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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

OK this doesn't give quite all the detailed steps, but for those of you interested in the making of silver wire rings

1 and 2) form the design
3) bend ring shape
4) silver solder
5) beat the shit out of it to flaten somewhat and work harden the metal
6) file to shape the form
7) sand to smooth the surface
8) polish
9) ta-da!!

hmmm...odd about the 'purple' hands in some of the pics -- must not have had the flash on all the time :)

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Very interesting, you always come up with some great stuff.

thanks, Doug
someone was asking about the process so I figured pictures work better than words

Wow!! I love that you did this and let everyone see the process! So interesting!

step 9 -- heh, I know I should use a better hand model but then, my hands are always with me ;) -- glad it was interesting -- things that folks aren't acquainted with are always a bit more interesting than...say...raking leaves or grilling a hamburger :)

Oh, I don't know --- I'm pretty sure if you did a step-by-step photodocumentation like this one on how to grill a hamburger, I'd still be interested! :D

Maybe I'm just a sucker for pictures, I dunno... Maybe it's just your way of presenting information that makes it exciting. Maybe you're just cool and we appreciate you sharing your coolness with us?

sharing your coolness ...

..you're most kind -- and pretty cool yourownself ;)

but yeah, I know what you mean about pictures -- maybe that's the attraction of kids books...

Where's the waving of the penis?

..what happened the last time I tried that

I just can't afford any more jail time -- I promised the judge I'd keep it in m'pants

Re: now you know...


Forgot about THAT.

super ed!! :) thank you so much for this.. hey, so the silver doesn't actually at any point become totally liquid?

become totally liquid...

..well, it can, of course -- if ya heat it enough
but for simple soldering that's not necessary

the fused designs (look more like castings) I've done require the metal to melt and flow

and you're most welcome -- thanks for the idea :)

Awww thats really lovely! I wish i could make my own rings.

thank you -- glad you enjoyed seeing the process

and of course you could make your own if you really wanted to -- it's all pretty simple tools -- even the torch I use is just a propane plumbers torch -- most expensive tool is the polishing wheel but it is possible to polish by hand (just takes a hell of a lot longer :)

You make it look so simple, I'm sure it takes a lot of skill. The silver wire? is it wire, what is it called?

eh, it's really not that complex
the wire is 14 gauge sterling silver -- that's what I use most of the time but have a draw plate so I can pull it down to smaller sizes when I need 'em

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