Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

morning observations

OK, so here's another critter story

remember the lawn killing nazi next door -- perhaps you saw the photo of his yard?
I was going out for a bike ride this morning when I noticed a black squirrel in his 'dead' yard having some kind of conniption
I mean, this squirrel was acting like it needed to be institutionalized
it was jumping up in the air (can you imagine a squirrel jumping about a foot off the ground?)
rolling and cavorting
maybe it was a male and had an erection and couldn't figure out what to do with it?
at any rate, there was a point where the poor lil critter attempted to climb a metal lamp post
of course this didn't work -- so that probably added to it's frustration
but by the time I went back in for my camera, the squirrel had vanished
maybe it got called back to the mothership -- I dunno

then a little while later, I saw this whole flock of lil birds (sparrows?) noshing down in the same area
but once again...I was too late with the camera
I wonder where they went -- possibly they all got sick and tumbled into the storm sewer

but the weather here's quite plesant today -- was around 57F when I went out to weed and water this morning

hope you're all going to have (or are having) a super Friday
we're off to a wedding later today

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