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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..won't the urethane dry -- it's not that humid...

it's been about 12 hours now
maybe I put on too much at one time??
well, I'll see how it goes tomorrow -- or later today, since it's already almost 4:30am
perhaps I should go to bed

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Re: especially after you ink it...

that does look like a cool little press
and there is a Blick store around 25 miles from here
Dearborn, MI, I think -- though I do have their catalog (someplace in my junk)
and yeah, Blick is one of the best low cost suppliers
when I was teaching art (seems like another lifetime) I ordered a lot of the supplies from them

Re: especially after you ink it...

and you just gotta luv that name!

..it certainly is a cool name -- might be cooler if it were Dick Flick, but hell, that's just my weird sense of humor :)

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