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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..won't the urethane dry -- it's not that humid...

it's been about 12 hours now
maybe I put on too much at one time??
well, I'll see how it goes tomorrow -- or later today, since it's already almost 4:30am
perhaps I should go to bed

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this is gonna be a cool object in itself, especially after you ink it

especially after you ink it...

..funny you should say that -- I've been thinking the same thing myself -- mat and frame the plate -- heh!

only problem now (other than the coating not drying) is that the only inks I have are red and black -- the local art supply store is just not artist oriented (now, does that make any sense at all?) -- but I do have some screen inks from Dick Blick, so I may just see how that works

and good morning -- well it is early morning here but I guess pretty much the middle of the night in your neck of the woods -- my sleep schedule is all out of kilter at this point

Re: especially after you ink it...

If you aren't too strapped for cash, you can always order more through the mail.

If you aren't too strapped for cash...

..hell, it's only money and I just paid 3 bucks for less than a gallon of gas for the lawnmower -- 'course that does last for a while :)

but yeah, mail order is the way to go ... as they say on TV, only $19.95 plus shipping and handling -- heh! handle this you fuckers

the inks I just bought were ... um, something like 5 bucks a tube at the 'closer but not too well supplied' art 'supplies' store

Re: especially after you ink it...

if you can make a print work with black and red, it'll work no mattah whut

Re: especially after you ink it...

yeah, Mary -- well I already tried an A/P with red, black block ink and some yellow screen ink ... yuk!!
was it you that said the plate itself might be interesting? it is -- hell of a lot better than the print -- could really use access to a press -- using a spoon as a burnisher just doesn't do the trick -- maybe I could just jump up and down on the plate/paper...or maybe run over it with the car :)

Re: especially after you ink it...

ya, spoon burnishing is sucky


small, affordable relief press, check it out

also, Dick Blick should have some lovely oil-based printing inks in many colors (I used to use the Litho inks and add magnesium for body)

Re: especially after you ink it...

that does look like a cool little press
and there is a Blick store around 25 miles from here
Dearborn, MI, I think -- though I do have their catalog (someplace in my junk)
and yeah, Blick is one of the best low cost suppliers
when I was teaching art (seems like another lifetime) I ordered a lot of the supplies from them

Re: especially after you ink it...

and you just gotta luv that name!

..it certainly is a cool name -- might be cooler if it were Dick Flick, but hell, that's just my weird sense of humor :)

oh dear - in my limited experience, yes, I used a few very thin coats - like I said, waiting is not my forte!

hey baby, your birdy is on the way -- the PO accepted the package without a problem :)

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