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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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spritzing the robin...

I don't mean Robin as in Robin Williams or other 'people type' Robins
I'm talking about the birds
As I was out watering the growies this morning, a robin came hopping out from under a bush
and I gave it a little spritz with the garden hose -- just for the fun of it
it hopped back under the bush
then came back out as if to say, "hehehe do that again, it was fun"
so I did ... and this went on for 6 or 7 times
what a funny little bird
then after it had it's 'shower' it went flying off to ... who knows where -- maybe to find a towel?

I do find ways to entertain myself, with the simplest tools :)

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Re: Your mouth is moving

But...won't the urethane make you more giggly? ;P

urethane make you more giggly...

..only if you drink it or pour it on yer head -- well, actually, once I poured some on my left foot and that was pretty damn funny

2 coats on now -- wondering about another so the cardboard will hold up better to the water-based ink

Re: urethane make you more giggly...

sorry about the anonymity -- it's really me -- just having problems switching between aol's email and LJ

Re: urethane make you more giggly...

I'm having the same issue.

Hey--they always said "anonymous was a woman..." Gah. I kill me!

anonymous was a woman...

..Virginia Woolfe? -- I have trouble remembering these things ...

well, anyway, I let the plate dry outside so the only giggly ones were a robin or 2 and some silly cat

Re: anonymous was a woman...

It was either her or George Eliot. I think you're right.

her or George Eliot...

..or maybe it was that 'silly cat' -- no, probably not, I doubt if the cat can type ... butcha never know -- remember the rediculous comment about 'a monkey and shakespeare' (heh! not sure if I remember it myowndamnself)

Re: her or George Eliot...

Hey--cats can type! Just look at mine! ;)

Yes. The 100 Monkeys Theory--that if you give 100 monkeys typewriters and let them bang away, they will eventually generate the full body of Shakespeare's work. LOL!

yeah, that's the one -- but you may be onto something with using cats instead ;) -- might take them a bit longer with their little paws and tiny 'finger spread' but should give an interesting viewpoint on the world

Re: 100 Monkeys Theory

Honestly? I think the Dante of "Dante's Inferno" must have been a cat. What other creature could dream up such nightmarish images for humans? ;)

Re: 100 Monkeys Theory

I know cats don't like water
and they probably don't like fire either (they're not dumb...just a little silly and standoffish at times :) -- so maybe...yeah, coulda been a cat -- would be interesting to 'tune in' on a cat's nightmare, wouldn't it? -- ah, the things that run through my mind

Re: 100 Monkeys Theory

Heehee! Indeed!

Re: urethane make you more giggly...

I was referring to the fumes.

Good luck with your project!

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