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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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spritzing the robin...

I don't mean Robin as in Robin Williams or other 'people type' Robins
I'm talking about the birds
As I was out watering the growies this morning, a robin came hopping out from under a bush
and I gave it a little spritz with the garden hose -- just for the fun of it
it hopped back under the bush
then came back out as if to say, "hehehe do that again, it was fun"
so I did ... and this went on for 6 or 7 times
what a funny little bird
then after it had it's 'shower' it went flying off to ... who knows where -- maybe to find a towel?

I do find ways to entertain myself, with the simplest tools :)

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Okay, so now you have me thinking of the phrase, "spanking the monkey". There, are you proud of yourself?

Cute story, btw. :)

"spanking the monkey"...

...hahahahah -- don't quite know how that came (ooooo he said came) from the bird story -- maybe the hose part? but I did say 'garden hose'

and if I gave you a smile, then yes, I'm proud of myowndamnself ;)

Re: "spanking the monkey"...

*laughs* You are so ornery! *blushes*

..nah! some would just say a pain in the ass -- but not really ornery ... well ... sometimes, a little ornery but mostly I try to just 'not give a shit' so ornery doesn't really come out -- maybe I internalize?

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