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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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almost full moon

the moon is big -- not quite full but pretty -- the grass feels damp under foot -- been writing and drawing again...not quite ready to 'publish' yet but at least I've been busy -- still trying to figure out the relief print...it'll come to me soon -- wanna do something along the lines of primative art (not cave painting but maybe NW American style)...I really like the simple yet complex style (does that make any sense?) -- well, I get impressed by a variety of art works and they inspire...isn't that what it's all about?

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I love doing relief prints, or rather, doing the carving prior to the printing. It's so medatative and I dig how I am surprised how it comes out every time! Have much fun!

haven't done any carved (lino or wood) blocks in a while but was thinking about some cut and coated chip-board (varnish or urethane) -- saw some interesting prints at a show recently ... that's how we get encouraged (inspired?), huh?

hrm, never tried that. I'd love to see the process as you work on it!

so I'd have to photograph and post the process, huh?
maybe ... we'll see :)

yeah, that would be so tres kewel!

uh oh...
now I have to actually get doing something
and I was just outside enjoying the morning and sound of water hitting the plants and Bob Marley on the player -- well there was the interuption of the GIGANTIC trash pick-up truck going by -- but I waved and turned up the player volume a notch or 3

hop to it, mister!

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