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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the 'weed free desert'

OK so here we go:

this is a comparison of green (and we don't go crazy with super 'golf course' grass growing) and the desert next door -- brown, baby diaper shit brown, sand colored ... whatever, the guy put in new sod last year and then...and then...hell, I dunno, he killed it somehow -- he's apparently, not a soup nazi, but a chemical-kill type
and then he sprayed (possibly at 3am?) along his fence line giving me some verra-sick zinnias ... a healthy garden looks more like this -- close-up
now...instead of these killer chemicals, the guy could just plant a ground cover along his property line like the folks on the other side of our house

well...we all make choices in life but I'm wondering what his chemicals are doing to my veggies ... ??

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Gah, I'm really sorry to see what's happened to the garden. I wonder if a liner would be of use in any way in that situation. Oh btw, come check this journal out - I'll be over there for a while.

..yeah, that's interesting 'cause in the area where there's a wooden fence and his stupid chemicals can't get through, everything's doing fine -- so I have thought about putting in some plastic or metal sheeting for next year to avoid these problems...but what a pain in the ass -- the other thought has been "just move the gardening area"

oh...by "come check this journal out", do you mean ohsheila? seems like you haven't been there in a couple of years

Yeah, I decided to stop using this journal for a while. I need a break from what I see and feel over there for a while. ohsheila seems like a good outlet for a while.

well, Sheliah, I'll try to keep track (is there an 'h'?)
i did that myownself as [Unknown LJ tag] for writing work but gave it up as a schitzoid break in the continuity :)

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