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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I'm sitting here in the still, still, still of the 'morning' -- or what would be still if it
weren't for the road construction sounds arriving through the motionless air -- the current
closest project is the re-construction of a highway overpass about a mile away -- the birds
are doing their best to mask the mechanical sounds, but failing miserably, especially as the
temp starts to rise and they go off to hide in whatever relatively cooler niches they can
find -- I was planning on an early bike ride before the heat became oppresive but may have
missed my chance by choosing to have breakfast and fool around on the computer first -- it's
already over 80F --I think I need to get a water bottle rack for the bike

being Saturday morning, the power lawn mowers and weed whackers and mechanical blowers will
be adding to the aural invasion soon -- so, if a peaceful bike ride is to be in my future,
I'd better get going soon

weed pulling was to be on this morning's schedule but that area of the yard is already
pretty brutal

catch ya later in the cool, cool, cool of the evening ('course that may not be till Fall :)

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Coollllllllll heya Ed!

That's a good idea about getting a water bottle.

I should get one too!

I even have to get my tyres pumped up too.

yes! a definite good idea to have water along ... but I guess it's not quite so hot in your part of the world now

I don't mind using a regular ol' grocery store water bottle but I need the rack to carry it -- pockets just don't work so well :)

the bike I have here is a really inexpensive one -- my better bikes (and parts) are still back in New Jersey -- and the tires (or tyres, if you prefer :) are not the best and I've already had to replace one of the inner tubes -- but I did get an air pump when I bought the bike so tire pressure isn't usually too much of a problem

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