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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

Remember the talk about ants invading the house a couple of months ago? I think the problem may be solved at last -- see the pic on the right ... those are some really pissed off ants trying to find their way into the house via a slight opening around a hose bib -- the white goop is caulking I used to plug what I think was their access point -- we haven't seen any ants in a couple of days now -- but, of course, they may be very determined and find a new way in -- we may have just won one battle and the war will go on

the left pic is just some flowers along the fence that haven't been killed off by the neighbor's weed killer

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so the little buggers! you found their entrance way. aha!
get em!

Love your wild guardians!

I do try to entertain myself as well as take care of the 'small life problems' :)

I LOVE ants. That is the best picture ever!

..yeah, well ... ants are OK 'in their place' (which I feel is their house and not mine) -- they sure are industrious lil buggers, dragging giant (to them) pieces of crap all over the place, digging tremendous underground 'palaces' and communicating somehow -- wouldn't it be cool to be able to 'converse' with an ant? I mean ... they must be thinking something as they go about their daily works

so ... where ya been monkey-girl? you keep disappearing and reappearing at such ... what? ... unpredictable intervals -- but then I guess we're all unpredictable to some extent (not sure about ants though) -- hope all's been well with you

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