Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

ya get what ya pay for (sometimes)

well, i'm working on project to put together a 3 wheel HPV (a trike in the vernacular) -- i've been working on the project on and off for several months - mostly off

the big hangup is that i bought a bernz-o-matic gas/oxy torch being as how relatively inexpensive it was -- so...it's not really up to the job and it eats up oxy like it was free instead 8 bucks for a cylinder (like a reg.old propane cyl. size)

by far, not the inexpensive route in the long run

so now i'm watching the classifieds for a used welding rig -- (just how likely will it be to come accross one in the next 10 years!) i leave it to the fates and i go on with other projects -- that's the true value of having a gazillion incomplete projects : ) -- most people just don't understand
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