Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

been absent for a bit...

..so, to sorta catch up
first a bit of the w/c pen work -- which has been 'ongoing' for some time -- damn this kinda work is tedious -- this crop is about a forth of the 'planned' project, but I'm thinking: maybe this is enough and it's time to go on to something else

and for those more interested in words:

so ... there was Patrick (not Pat...he made sure I understood that:) he was a white guy (with a slightly red neck) and hailed from somewhere in the South (GA? ... not sure) anyway he had a really plesant manner of speech -- he claimed to have 2 kids (and there didn't seem to be any reason to doubt him), one was 4 and the other 14 -- I didn't understand if they were with the same woman (wife?--I dunno) -- but the kids were living with "her" in NYC, and he was heading there to visit but didn't have the money -- did hitch-hiking really die in the 70s? -- so he was looking for odd jobs to get together the necessary funds -- he had so many amazing stories to tell (lumberjacking in the Pacific NW, short-order cooking in CA, working as a sheetrocker in ... hm ... someplace in the South, and on and on --

and then there was Mike -- now, Mike was a story just in his appearance alone, he carried a small roll pack ((from which he pulled a clean pair of jeans to offer me to sit on (we were sitting on the ground)) -- it was a bus stop but didn't have a bench, let alone a place to stay out of the weather (the weather was plesant, however, or I would never have stopped to chat -- the motel where I was staying was air-conditioned and, as far as I know, the roof didn't leak) -- Mike had a decent set of teeth...on top...but maybe only 5 or 7 on the bottom (I didn't really count)

the point of this all is: there really are so many nice people in the world, but if you don't just stop and say 'hi' ya miss all those chances for interesting conversation and the opportunity to get some new perspective on what life in this world is about

also there was a big ol' furry pooch in the motel lobby -- belonged to the 'innkeeper' I think (this was not an upscale motel :)

and then, and then ... there was this poor little ol' bird stuck in some yuk that had been dropped in the parking lot (the yuk, not the bird) -- I picked up the sad little thing and left it on the grass (well, more like a weed patch) -- next time I came by, it was gone -- and I'd only been away long enough to do a through scrubbing of my hands

adventures on the road -- fun, fun

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