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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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it's been another yard day -- the neighbor put some weed killer on the lawn, his (which would be OK -- well, if not OK, at least his choice) but also part of ours, and I think he overdid it -- why?? I dunno -- he just resodded last year -- why kill all that nice green grass? I will have to post photos, you will not believe otherwise -- and he sprayed weed killer along the fence line ... where I grow my garden (I know, I know ... move the garden area -- but why should I?) So, anyway I spent part of the morning reseeding and watering the area he killed and then I took a few more pictures ... enjoy 'em or not :)

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I am enjoying them very much.
They watered my garden.

Brought me hope.

thank you, thank you!!

oh Col, you're so good to me :) -- I'm really glad my humble pics can bring joy to someone -- that's truely what art (not to appear pretensious here :) is all about -- yeah, yeah, I know it's part of recording some history too, but if it doesn't evoke a bit of emotion, what the hell's the use? might just as well write 'I saw some pretty (or ugly) stuff today' -- and speaking of pretty, I'll be writing a post about some handsome (in a spiritual sense) people I've had the opportunity to meet in the last few days, while I was out of 'computer touch' --stay tuned :)

peace to you too, sweetie

Re: thank you, thank you!!

yeh my sweet. Thanks)

heh! thanks, Pat
I was thinking of drying 'em and grinding 'em and making some pancakes :) -- actually the lower left pic (a bit sad looking) is a squash blossom so hopefully a time will come when there will be something to eat as well as just look at

I love them! Especially the Hydrangeas!

That bottom left flower looks a little dead? Or is that just how the flower type looks?

yes! it does!! but it's a squash blossom and we're hoping to get some edible fruit ('course I may be the only one to appreciate the delicate and healthful taste -- 'specially when cooked with some tomatoes (the squash, not me:)(tomatoes have just started to ripen) and onions, which for some reason I do not seem to be able to grow...so they're gonna have to be 'store bought' -- but, then, the butter will be from the grocery too (do I use too many commas, dashes, apostrophes, exclamatory puncuation??? hah :)


Squash! and Tomatoes! and Onions!
That sounds absolutely yummy!

I used to work a Rancher who also had an extensive tomato garden... and OOOOO BABY! I couldn't get enough of the sliced tomato sandwiches!
[ it was free eats too, the tomatoes grew wild on his land everywhere! ]

tomatoes grew wild ...

..well I can believe that, they were always sprouting in my compost in NJ -- I'm thinking tomatoes are the 'weed' fruit

something about zinnias
so easy to grow from seed - i used to get a pack of seeds, loosen the soil, thow the seeds and rake a lil - 10 minutes of work, and you get tons of flowers that last so long when cut

damnit, I miss my garden *sighs*

so, thanks for sharing yours ;)

zinnias, along with marigolds are my favorite flowers (weeds of the flower world), but you're right, they're so damn easy to grow -- and bright color's bright color...who needs roses? :)

so, how come you can't have a garden? even a window garden counts ;)

I live in the desert, and we seem to be having a record high summer temperature blitz. We had the hottest June on record ever this summer.

I am too lazy when it comes to gardening, I want mother nature to do most of the watering. I had a great garden back east: herbs and flowers, very small, but jam-packed. I miss it, sniffles

aww...how about some cactus or whatever else lives in the desert? 'course there might not be much food value there

I went to school in SLC (U of U) and had friends who were in love with desert camping -- not me...give me some trees and moss and nice soft mulch to walk on :)

Re: I miss it, sniffles

Ya, I'm not much for desert camping - rattlesnakes, tarantulas and scorpions - methinks I prefer bears and pumas!

Re: I miss it, sniffles

bears? well, to each her/his own
and pumas? do they live in the states? thought they were south american cats, but then, I'm not too up on my animals-- I don't plan on camping there though :)

but there have been moose reported near our place in MA -- 'course that's still just a rumor as far as I'm concerned -- however, we have heard some strange sounds at night -- the sounds are always spookier at night, huh?

Re: I miss it, sniffles

ya, and the scariest camping is in West Virginia (and the most beautiful)
the noises you hear are sisters and brothers bangin each others

ewwwwwww, scary

sisters and brothers bangin each others

incest was big in ancient egypt, or so I've heard but they all seemed to have a regular set of teeth...not just 2 or 3

Oooh. I love those :)

What kind of camera do you use?

well...I'm almost embarassed to say, since the technology has advanced so much in the last 2 years or so, but it's a Fuji...not big as far as the mega-pix goes, but it does have a 6x optical zoom and macro -- so with some careful cropping, it's not a bad little camera -- Wendy, however, just bought a new Cannon :( -- 'course she used a credit card and I refuse to buy anything I can't pay off at the end of the month -- I'm not sure if I've gotten to be an old fart or I was that way from birth --definitely not a 'go into debt' person

oh and by the way, speaking of quality photos -- your icon is really special...not just technically but artistically/compositionlly as well (did I just make up 2 words or merely spell incorrectly :)

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