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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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so who was that Liverpool guy? belonged to some famous group...
anyway,,,he wanted to know 'if you'll still love me, will you still feed me...when I'm 64?'

-- well, I still wanna be loved and fed -- not that I'm admitting to being 64 -- but
OTOH, it's better to have gotten here than not -- I can still ride a bike, dig in the
garden, walk around the block ... hell, I can still do a lotta things -- even some rabbit like things (not to get too personal) -- so...what is it but a number? I think I'm gonna go walk up and down the cellar stairs now ... maybe even twice

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Happy Barfday, Ed. Did I miss it? Hope not.

trust my special person to fill you in :)

I missed yer birthday too?

Happy be-lated.
(cuz I be late)

yeah...well when you get to this age -- it doesn't really matter :) -- keep trying, you'll get here too :) -- just eat your fruit and veggies -- and tell Wendy to do the same

Hugs and fluttery wings for yer Happy Birthday ED!!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Thanks, I'll reach out yo ya when I turn 50 next year.

..hah! you child, you :) -- next year, huh? now, who woulda thought?

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