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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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in the garden, in the garden...

..I know there's a tune to that -- don't know what it might be but anyway here's the pix:

went wandering in the garden after the bike ride (whooo, it's hot!) and thought I'd share some with you

now . . . keep in mind, some of the plants are what others would call weeds . . . but can you say any aren't pretty to look at? You can probably pick out the peppers and tomatoes, maybe even the zinnia and marigold -- look at that zucchini! it's only about 4 inches long now, but it will grow! and that's not any male braggadocio, heh! If we let it go for too long, we're gonna have to locate the zucchini bread recipe ... let ya know :)

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loved planning and planting

damn!! had a whole response that got lost in cyberland

it had something to do with the joy of getting out early in the morning to weed and sprinkle

sigh -- I find electronics to be more of a pain than working in the dirt! and this is from a guy who used to play with radios -- yes, I was a ham -- back in the old days :) -- dah di dah dit, dah dah di dah

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