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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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in the garden, in the garden...

..I know there's a tune to that -- don't know what it might be but anyway here's the pix:

went wandering in the garden after the bike ride (whooo, it's hot!) and thought I'd share some with you

now . . . keep in mind, some of the plants are what others would call weeds . . . but can you say any aren't pretty to look at? You can probably pick out the peppers and tomatoes, maybe even the zinnia and marigold -- look at that zucchini! it's only about 4 inches long now, but it will grow! and that's not any male braggadocio, heh! If we let it go for too long, we're gonna have to locate the zucchini bread recipe ... let ya know :)

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I always love your garden pictures. Someday I want to have a garden just like yours!! :)

aww, you're so sweet!
all ya need is a little dirt

I do miss the big garden I had in NJ but the trade off was worth it :)

This is glorious Ed.
Like a happy medicine.

thanks Col -- glad you appreciate the growies!

I really miss having a big garden but a few plants are better than none )

Wow, very nice pictures! I am in garden envy.

seems to me that you're a garden person also -- am I wrong? gonna have to go back and check your LJ :) -- can't beat watching the lil seeds go and do their thing -- waiting for the first tomatoes to ripen now: thinking the zuchinni and tomatoes may ripen at the same time -- yay!!

I tried onions again this year but didn't have any luck -- what the hell is it with me and onions? 'course I have to get the butter from the store, so I can always get an onion too -- can't you just smell the squash and tomatoes and onions frying? oooooooo I'm getting hungry :)

a garden person, but then stopped--I loved planning and planting a garden, but the maintenance was boring and hot, so, I use our local farmers market for produce. I just had The Best tomato with lunch. YUM. I did enjoy gardening before kids, after kids, nope.

loved planning and planting ...

..yeah, it is some work -- but if you get out early in the morning to tweak the weeds and then sprinkle with the hose, it can still be fun -- not to get a lotta veggies but just for the fun of it :)

and speaking of tomato -- I'm still watching for the first one to ripen -- maybe 3 more days?? these are the grape tomatoes -- the big fat beefsteak won't be ripe for another 4 or 5 weeks -- hell, they're just flowers at this point :)

loved planning and planting

damn!! had a whole response that got lost in cyberland

it had something to do with the joy of getting out early in the morning to weed and sprinkle

sigh -- I find electronics to be more of a pain than working in the dirt! and this is from a guy who used to play with radios -- yes, I was a ham -- back in the old days :) -- dah di dah dit, dah dah di dah

Thank you for posting these so that those of us with allergies (got a sinus infection recently) can still enjoy the outdoors.

There's a present for you in my lj today, too!

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