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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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yay! the kitty has arrived. thanks willowing

and as you can see, fits in quite nicely with the folks around here

seems like the weather is becoming more summerlike -- heat and humidity are climbing -- glad I did the yard work yesterday -- any bikerides today will have to take place soon while the cool of the morning is still here -- but then again, there's still weeding to do . . . decisions, decisions :) -- 'course weeding can be done in small stages as the day goes one :)

did some more arm exercises with the dumbels last night and am feeling it again this morning -- no pain, no gain, they say . . . well, I'm feeling the pain and still looking for the gain, but at least the legs are in shape . . . bike, here I come :)

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Yeh I gotta get back up on my bike. Haven't touched it for months.

I need to pump the tyre. I even bought the pump but didn't brave it yet.

At least I cleaned out the car so I can fit it back in the boot with me. Then I can get to a park and ride!

Love your gnomes!

eeeee, this made me *all* emotional!!!! but EdEd??? what happened to Oscar's (you may rename him, of course) tail??? he had a tail before he left!!!!! (and btw; I soooo love the little gnomes! who made them? :) smiles smiles smiles

the tail, the tail :(

I know, I know -- so sad, huh? I noticed the 'lack' when I opened the package -- I think maybe the tip went out with the styrofoam?? I dunno - anyway he's cute and fits right in with the 'shelf friends' -- should I paint the broken part?

I made the gnomes -- wood carving -- I just keep doing this and that -- the acrylic coat gives a nasty shine in the pic so the next time will be a 'statin' finish -- we learn, huh?

I'm hoping your ring arrives safe and sound -- we get used to safety as far as mail goes in the states (ooh, that sounds so...what? holier than Sri Lnaka?) -- but you know how we are...we can invade nations and not even think twice about it -- OMG!! I think I'll go stick my head in the sand now...

Loveya and thanks again for the kitty :) -- and Oscar's OK :) -- Wendy really wants a 'live' kitty -- maybe someday -- I want a pup too!!

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