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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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drypoint print update

here's the redo:

slightly different ink color and some more detail
not quite up to engraving but sure is a lot easier (not to mention cheaper :)

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Ooo, that's really nice! I get a bit of Impressionistic feel from it.

I feel kind of blue today, so I was wondering how it would look like this:

I hope you don't mind me messing around with it a little.

hah! yeah, I can deal with that :)

for being a suburb of Detroit, the art supply stores here are for the shits -- the closest one always seems to be out of what I want -- when I went for screen ink, they didn't have yellow -- when I went for the block printing ink, the only primary they had was red, so I have red and black to work with for now

Dick Blick's about 20 miles from here -- fun to go to but with 3+ dollars a gallon, we have to plan our trips :)

thanks, Col
I'm having trouble with the net connection again -- this is the second response to you :( -- so if you get a double, heh! that's life :)

jeeze -- would it kill me to use a DIFFERENT adjective than the person directly above me? haha.

heh! adjectives are a dime a dozen (maybe cheaper in some places) so, lovely is just fine -- it's at least positive and that's what we all need, huh?

where the hell have you been, Jett? Didja take an LJ vacation as I did a while ago? Anyway, good to seeya again.

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