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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

new project approximately 10 inches wide, wood burned design colored with pencil then over-coated with satin polyurethane -- a re-working of a rubber stamp design I did a few years ago

another project in the works, drypoint on acrylic

water based block printing ink -- approximately 4" x 5"

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More lovely stuff, Ed!! I can't decided if I like the original or current fairy better... I like the wings in the first and the hair in the second.

So refresh my memory on printing... I'm not remembering the A/P1 - is that for the proofing stage? I'm thinking that the P1 is first proof, but I don't know what the A is. It's so nice to wake up to such beautiful work after a night of insomnia. It's even to be able to talk to the artist and learn more about their approach and what makes them tick. :)

It's even better to be able to... That's what I meant. ;)

I'd be happy to send you the RS plate but unfortunately they're in NJ along with a lot of my stuff -- sigh -- someday I'll have all my crap in one place again

the original design (the RS) was only about 2 inches long, so I couldn't play around much with the hair but a friend's work willowing and her reference to another artist's work got me to thinking about another approach

see how we influence each other? ;)

oooh, i'm curious now, which post, which artist was this? :0

oops, that was meant to be a :)

Damn, I'll have to friend her now, too. I wanna see the post, too. ;)

I have all my crap in one place and AAAAAUUUUUGHHH, there's so much!

It IS cool how we influence one another, isn't it?

yeah, sinking into the deep mud here, can't keep 2 things in my head at the same time :)

a/p is artist proof; 1, of course, as you said, is the first -- so this is the first print from the plate and now I'm going back and fixing up the weak areas

Oh right, it was the A that I had trouble with... And I feel pretty silly about that now.

thanks, Tammer -- see what you lead me into :)

sometimes I need a push, guess we all do, huh?

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