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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

small watercolor from this morning (with some pen detail)

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Nice. Did you do the pen part first, or the watercolor first?

thanks -- w/c first then pen for some definition

came out kinda fierce looking, huh :)

I was thinking that myself. ;)

Is that a watermark off to the left? It kind of reminds me of Whistler's Japonisme style doing that. Would I be correct in saying that's a finch?

I started using a connected e and k logo when I was working with ceramics--it was an easy way to carve my initials in the piece -- then a few years ago I made up a stamp with the design enclosed in a square with rounded corners but I can't find the stamp now so I just stamped the red circle and inked the initials

finch? who knows? maybe . . . I just opened my head and it flew out :)

Yes, fierce looking.

Like it plans a major pooping.

See what good fiber is?

a major pooping

yes, probably and I'm pretty sure it's been eating berries :)

Very nice!
Do you still do trades?

thanks, Pat -- yeah, I'm always open to trades, what'd you have in mind?

methinks he is a self portrait, check that facial hair! hehe

haha! that's not hair, it's chocolate smudges from pigging out ;)

oh? so is it more of a self portrait now? hehe

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