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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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back to the yard...

..finally cleaned up the rest of the sawdust in the woodworking area (left of debris from the window shelf project--did I mention those or show pics?)

then decided to go back outside with camera in hand, since it's such a beautiful day

blue skies, puffy white clouds

the poppy flowers have all gone to seed -- anyone wanna come harvest ;)

poppies may be gone but the zinnias will be here soon

radishes have gone to seed producing some nice flowers

more raspberries ripeening and ready for picking . . .

. . . and eating, yum, yum

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Those are excellent photos! It appears to be a beautiful day!

I must admit, that 'yum!' picture really is just that... it's rather hot.

heh! guess you were right
that icon is just soo out of it! :)

*giggle* you're right about that icon!!

"Out of it?" Legs too short, or what?

How's this one? Look familiar?

thanks, Tara, glad you liked 'em . . . even me giving (taking?) the raspberries :)

so come visit MI -- but hurry, the berries are going fast

Hi Ed...

Can't say as I recall the pics from the window shelf project. I'll have to go back and double-check. I really love those garden pics!

I'm still doing a bunch of cleaning in that other room. I don't know if it'll be ready for Saturday, but I sure hope so! I was planning to do a before and after thing, but I'm not quite sure where I last had my camera.... Gah.


Hi back, Michelle
I'm thinking I probably never took any shelf pic -- we had splintersensei and his brother visiting just after I put them up

Yeah, cleaning is good for the soul

...and you better find your camera!

I found the camera! I thought it was out laying around, when it was in the camera bad the whole time! D'oh!

I may not be able to take before and after pics, but I'm sure there will still be a noticeable difference.

you take pretty pictures, mister.

aww thanks, Tonya, you take nice pics yourownself -- but I haven't seen you around lately, where are you hiding? hope everything's OK



well hello there beautiful day! (really nice pics Ed!) :)

Thank you, Tam -- looks like another one today, not too warm and low humidity . . . hip-hip-hooray!

All packed for your big trip?

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