Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

lazy day

the grass was all wet from the storms that blew through here last night -- I was going to go barefootin' in the cool damp grass this morning but then realized how lazy I felt and barefootin' would mean wiping and picking and scraping the bits of grass, dirt and who knows what else from my feet before re-entering the house. . .so I slipped on some moccasins I keep by the back door for just such excursions and went out a-wandering -- it was nice with the growies still all damp and green and healthy looking and the birds chirping their hellos -- should have been inspiring, should have gotten the creative juices flowing. . .but didn't -- and it's not like I even have to think of a new project, I already have several in different media in various stages of completion, but somehow it just seems like a lazy day...

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