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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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in the summertime...

we've had a couple of nice days here in Mo town --
this morning, I thought I'd go photo some of the 'strip garden' planted along the fence . . . alas, the camera batteries were dead -- as was the second set :(

so I got out the water colors and pen and did this instead:

then after noon clemidia and I went to investigate the 'grand K-Mart corporate art collection sell-off' at their headquarters in Troy, MI -- there were some interesting pieces that I would hang if someone bought them for me but nothing that made me want to get out the check book -- Wendy did buy a framed grouping of 3 winter photos that have a slight pink tint -- there will be other sell-offs in the next couple of months, prints, photos, tapestries, sculpture... -- we'll probably go back again to see what 'treasures' we can find

here's the 'strip garden' photoed this afternoon after the batts charges

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I like that Pen and Watercolor Ed.

Have you ever considered selling your designs to Textile makers?
I could see this as a pattern on a cotton for kitchen type curtains, a wallpaper border, or even an porcelain tile for the kitchen or bathroom.


I used to sell work (jewelry, drawings, prints, rubber stamps, yada yada) at various art/craft shows but haven't done so in 3 or 4 years -- maybe again some day :)

Gah, those batteries can be such a pain at the worst times. I'm not too good with plant identification from this distance, but I think I can see some tomatoes in there. Also, very nice drawing. :) I really like your lettering style, too!

thanks . . . the lettering was added on the computer (not hand done)

yup, tomato on the right then peppers to the left then various flowers, marigold, zinnia, bachelor button, weeds ...
further down the row to the right is squash and cukes -- and radishes going to seed -- not much of a garden but just enough to keep my hands in the dirt :)

I'm glad

I need to get back to doing some more 2D work

hell! I just need to get back to doing some more 'any type' work :)

So lovely, schweetie!

I'd buy it!

thanks, yerownschweetself

See? If you would just MOVE to ALABAMA, I'd BRING y'all batteries.

aww, you're such a nice person

my bags are packed and I'm ready to go (figuratively, anyway) -- hell, we haven't even gotten to the cabin yet this year :(

the bees and flowers are so lovely - I see greeting cards and huge silk screens!

I used to produce packs of greeting cards to take along to sell at art shows -- even if the bigger stuff (dollarwise) didn't sell well, the cards were usually good for the booth fee :)

alas, the only screen I have currently is about 12" x 18" :(

that's a great icon, btw

what a mug! get it, shaving mug? oh well...

hah! yeah, I've been using Williams for years and years and just decided to re-do their package design, adding my own mug :)

I absolutely adore the 'stache, muffy!

hey, thanks
that pic was from when the sideburns and mustache were joined together skipping hand-in-hand across my face--
but after the grand west coast halloween wedding last year (when I had a full beard for the 'gnome look', I trimmed everything back down to just the 'stache

methinks I've seen a photo of just the 'stache too - fluffy and all, nice

yupper, in yesterdays post -- with me giving the 'raspberries' :)

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