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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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so I was peeling an apple to make an instant, crustless apple pie (peel apple, cut up into bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, nuke for a couple of minutes, top with sour cream)--I managed to get the whole peel off in one strip

'course I cheated and used a fancy peeler -- but it got me thinking of m'old (long since departed) Irish granny who used to do the same trick, 'cept she did it with a plain old paring knife--ah, the old days, the old ways

flowers from the yard, arrangement by Wendy, photo by me

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Good job!

The second photo was worth the click.... very nice arrangement Ed :D

thanks, Linda

and the flowers seem to be holding up pretty well for a couple of days indoors now

I agree with the first poster! What a lovely arrangement.

Nice to see your posts again!

thank you!

yup, back to LJ (a little bit, anyway :)

Yer so cleveh!

Didn't know about the peel, though!

the old granny stories are stuck somewhere deep in my head and creep to the surface from time to time

To suck yer breath, right?


..you know very well, it's just kitties that do that


I love the flower arrangement/pic. And, if you put that apple peel on a plate and drizzled some kind of sauce on it, it would look like some dessert at a fancy schmancy restaurant!

yeah, Wendy's pretty artsy with things like that

fancy schmancy restaurant: pomme glaze -- sounds good ;)

Are you in Michigan now Ed?
Love these pictures... especially that which reminds me of the yummy green apple! (Pass the salt please)

thanks, glad you like 'em

yes, we're in MI -- still haven't found time to escape to MA

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